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Dave Says

Dear Dave, My husband and I are both teachers, and we’re on Baby Step 7. We’re struggling with things where our wills are concerned. Three of our four adult children aren’t being wise with their money, and my husband and I disagree on how to talk to them about... More »

Dear Dave

I was talking to a friend the other day, and I couldn’t remember what you said about the three good uses for money and why each is important. Would you go over them again? Albert Dear Albert, I’ve been doing this for a lot of years, and after all that time stu... More »

Bark In The Park a Success

 THANK YOU!! The staff and Board of Directors of Stephens County Humane Society sincerely and humbly thank the supporters, friends, guests and volunteers who came together to make this year’s Bark in the Park event our best ever!!! Blessed with nice weather an... More »

Dave Says

 Dear Dave,My boyfriend lives in a different state, and I’m planning to move there when we get married. I know I love him, but sometimes he is not what I consider to be responsible with money. There have been times in the past when he has taken out small loans... More »

Friends FUR Change Association’s Pet of the Week

 This weeks pet is Butch. Butch is a 1 year old male mix. Super Sweet, has been neutered, shots, microchipped, flea and tick protection and wormed. For more info or to meet him call Bobbie at 405-245-6932. Adoption fee applies. Other animals are available seek... More »

To All Pastors, Thank You from your community

 On the Second Sunday of October, our nation celebrated some of the most beloved members of our society during Pastor Appreciation Day. On Sunday, October 11th men and women alike stepped up to the podium to deliver Godly messages to their flocks. This act is ... More »

Dave Says

Use non-retirement account to pay off debt? Dear Dave,I have $11,000 in a mutual fund account that is not a retirement account. My wife has a retirement account through her job as a teacher, but I do not have one at all. We’re in Baby Step 2, so should we cash... More »

Health Departments Planning for Necessary Flu Vaccinations

 Health departments located in South-Central Oklahoma, in coordination with the Chickasaw Nation, are developing plans to deliver flu vaccinations to all surrounding communities. Flu season will begin soon and everyone is highly encouraged to get vaccinated. B... More »

Make your fall dishes ‘Larapin Good’

by Andrea Wilkerson (WVW Community Correspondant) As fall quickly approaches and we begin craving those savory fall dishes, do yourself a favor and add a little bit of Momma’s Mix to your favorite recipe. It makes every dish Larapin good. Larapin seasoning mix... More »

New service organization seeks to help those in need

Recently, First National Bank of Chickasha donated $7,500 to get a new non-profit service organization off the ground. A.C.T.S. is a local charity on a mission to help keep the elderly and disabled in their homes. Founded by Dr. Billy Elkins, Pastor of Trinity... More »

12th Annual Rock Island Arts Festival Kicks off this Weekend

The Festival is a three day, free, fun and family orientedevent open to the public from 10am – 9pm on Fridayand Saturday, and noon – 4pm on Sunday.All of the Arts Festival activities are centered on thegrounds around the beautiful and historic Rock IslandTrain... More »