Rotary salutes Lincoln youth with perfect attendance

Young men and women at Lincoln School got an enthusiastic salute from the school, their peers and local members of the Chickasha Rotary Club in April when they each won a bicycle in the unique Rotary Roll Call program. “We found a way to boost student attendance, and that fuels better performance,” said Rotary Club President Amanda Mullins.  In the top photo, from left are Devon Avery, Evelyn Goss, Blake Terrell and Kyleigh Haggard. Behind are Rotarians Robert Abraham, Hal Brock, Gerron Smith, David Sikes, Lewis Knisley, Steve LaForge and Bill McVey.  In the bottom photo, from left are London Trembath, Fernando Chagolla, Ellee Whoolery and Nixon Butler. Behind them are Rotarians Bill McVey, Jay Epperson, John Gorton and Ron Sanders.