Prescribed Burn Association group

 Grady and Caddo County are wanting to start a joint local Prescribed Burn Association according to Ally Minor, Grady County Ag Educator.
 A Prescribed Burn Association (PBA) is a partnership between a group of landowners and other local citizens to conduct prescribed fires. Prescribed burning is the key land management practice used to restore and maintain native plant communities to their former diversity and productivity for livestock production and wildlife habitat, along with reducing fuels and damage from wildfires.
 Native prairies, shrublands and forests supply the majority of livestock forage and wildlife habitat in Oklahoma. Without fire, native plant communities become dysfunctional and unproductive.
 Research has clearly shown there is no substitute for fire. Oklahoma’s ecosystems are fire dependent and excluding fire is a poor land management decision.
 The goals of the chapter will be to share equipment and labor, train the members, and foster good relations between neighbors and within the community regarding the use of prescribed fire.
 Anyone interested or have questions, contact the Grady County Extension office at 405.224.2216.