Palesano named Membership Director for Chamber of Commerce

 Following a year as the Director of the Festival of Light, Whitney Palesano has been hired as the membership director for the Chickasha Chamber of Commerce.
 A sitdown at the offices of the Washita Valley Community News this past week found Ms Palesano very easy to talk to and eager to help solve problems that may arise between the Chamber and members or prospective members.
 She readily admitted that since only being on the job for a few days in 2022, she did not have all the answers but certainly was willing to listen and find ways to smooth the way to help build the membership in the Chamber of Commerce.
 She admitted that perhaps the Chamber in the past few years has been too concentrated on mainstreet and had not reached or included other businesses in Chickasha.
 Jim Cowan, who has been director of the Economic Development Council has taken on the added responsibility of leading the Chamber of Commerce upon the announcement of the departure of Cassandra Ersland Robnett who resigned effective December 31, 2021.
 New leadership in any organization can always result in changes of operation and projects.
 The Chamber of Commerce is located at 221 West Chickasha Avenue in downtown Chickasha.
 The phone number for the Chamber is (405) 224-0787.