YMCA Thunder Basketball

Marylin Butorac, WVCN Community Correspondent
 From James Naismith’s invention of basketball at the Y in 1891 to today, the Y has a rich tradition in sports played around the globe. The YMCA nurtures the potential of youth through sports programming by strengthening character, engaging families and building lasting relationships. This December, the Y is pleased to partner with the Oklahoma City Thunder to further their mission with the youth basketball league, now called the YMCA Thunder Basketball League.
 The Developmental League for youth basketball will have an emphasis on the development and understanding of the game of basketball. Youth basketball officials will be more lenient and assist in helping the child learn the rules as they play basketball games. The season consists of 8 games. The Developmental League is open for children ages 3-16. For ages 5 & up, our youth basketball league is gender specific. Age groups may be combined, depending on registration.
 The Spirit League has been developed to provide a place for players and teams with advanced skills a place to play at the YMCA against competition of the same development. This league will be closely officiated by certified referees. The Y will continue to hold everyone who participates to the highest character standards as outlined in the Players Pledge, Coaches Creed, and Parents Code of Conduct. The season consists of 8 games and an end of season tournament. The Spirit League is open for children ages 8-12. This league is gender specific. Age groups may be combined, depending on registration. The Spirit League has an extra fee of $30.
 All players will be required to have the official YMCA Thunder Basketball League jersey. The jersey is available for purchase ($20) at the front desk of your local YMCA or the online store http://www.quickscores.com/ymcaokc. Fan gear and player equipment are also available online.
 There will be one practice held a week. Practice date and time will be set by the coach. Games will start as early as December 4th (Games played on Weekends at the Chickasha YMCA or surrounding area). It will be an 8 game regular season for Spirit and Developmental League. Game Schedules will be released at least one week prior to the start of games on quickscores.com/ymcaokc. The season will end by February, 5th, 2022
 For information about the Chickasha YMCA program, contact Corbin Lee Chickasha YMCA – Sports Director at clee@ymcaokc.org. Online Parents Orientation Information is also available in for parents on quickscores.com/ymcaokc
 The Chickasha YMCA is located at 725 W Chickasha Ave. (405) 224-2281.