ME Office releases report on Presgrove death near Terral

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner released the full medical examiner report for Noah Presgrove, the 19-year-old found dead along Highway 81 in Jefferson County, Sept. 4, 2023.
 Presgrove’s probable cause of death is listed as multiple blunt force injuries, and the manner of death is still listed as unknown.
 The opinion on the report stated Presgrove was found naked on the side of the highway only wearing a pair of unmatching shoes. No vehicle parts or debris was found at the scene, according to the report.
 Since it is unknown how Presgrove made it to the highway, the manner of death was listed as undetermined, according to the report.
 Presgrove’s shorts were discovered several feet away from where he was found.
 Three pieces of white metal chain were also found several feet from the body, along with part of a tooth.
 The report also states the 19-year-old was in an ATV rollover incident the night of the party, where Presgrove was at before being found the next morning.
 Presgrove returned to the party following the rollover, according to the report.
 Since the incident, Presgrove’s family have been searching for answers on what exactly happened which led to their family member’s death.
 “Even if it was an accident, it doesn’t matter, come clean,” said Avery Poucher, Presgrove’s cousin. “It hurts not to know. It’ll hurt knowing, but it hurts more not to know and wondering, and just thinking every night what happened.”