Pastors Porch

by Pastor Lynn Walker – Cowboy Country Church
4092 Norge Road – 405-320-0055

God, where are you?

I received a book this week titled “God, where are you?”. This book seemed to be written for people struggling in “the wilderness”. For those who are born again I don’t think the question should be “where is God?”; I think the question should be “where are YOU?”
Christians who are wandering in the wilderness are not there because God left them; they are in the wilderness because they left God!! The bible tells us that God will never leave us; the Lord will always be closer to us than a brother. But people will wander away from God: they want to do their own thing; they put other things like money, fame, or some other idol before God; they let the cares and worries of the world choke out their relationship with God!! The main thing that puts God’s people in the wilderness is ignorance of His Word and the disobedience thereof!!
To stay out of the wilderness and know God, we must “set our love upon Him”, love others, and then He will deliver us. (Psalm 91:14) So where are you? Are you in God’s favor or in the wilderness?