Chickasha Hires Winzenried as Parks & Recreation Director

Spencer Winzenried was recently hired as the new Parks & Recreation Director for the City of Chickasha.
 “I look forward to listening to what our citizens want from their parks facilities, their Sports Complex and the lake,” Winzenried said. “Being able to help bring those ideas to fruition is my job as a city employee, and I look forward to being part of this revitalization”
 Winzenried said he has plans for parks programming, to be able to utilize the greenspace for events and activities.
 “I’m excited to have the chance to impact a place where I see a lot of potential for improvement,” Winzenried said. “A great example of this is the Train Depot and Chickasha Lake; both already exist but have the opportunity for increased use.”
 He said while the Chickasha Sports Complex has a lot going on, he believes there is potential for increased and more efficient use of this space as well.
 Before coming to Chickasha, Winzenried managed a 20,000 square foot community center in Windam, Minnesota, running programs including coed volleyball, youth basketball, and soccer, as well as hosting concerts, wedding receptions and other events. Prior to that, he ran a parks department in Idaho, and earned bachelor’s degree in recreation from BYU Idaho and is working on a master’s degree in public administration.
 “In general, I believe people should go into a field where they think they can help others,” Winzenried said. “I went into recreation because I think I can be an influence for good. Kids are booming with potential. Being able to have venues and areas to foster youth development is what recreation is about.”
 Winzenried’s family will be moving to Chickasha with him; he and his wife Bailey have been married for 10 years and have four children.