Grady County Votes

 Zachary Paul Davis of Minco won handily over Michael Walker on Tuesday to become the next Grady County Commiossioner for District 1. Davis received 59% of the vote with 1,432 votes out of the 2,437 votes cast in District 1. Walker picked up 995 votes for 41%. Walker is under indictment currently for embezzlement, two charges of unlawful use of technology and intimidation of a witness, as well as one charge of conspiracy.
 At the close of polling on Tuesday evening only four votes stood between current District 3 County Commissioner Ralph Beard and challenger Gary Bray. Bray had 746 votes and Beard had 742. John A Williams had picked up 271 votes. Bray and Beard will meet in an August 23 primary election. The winner of that election will be the next District 3 County Commissioner.

Caddo County Voters
 Mike Belter won the Republican nomination for Caddo County Commissioner District No. 1. He received over 51% of the vote. His challengers split the remaining 49% with Bobby J Lynn getting 214 and James Bucky Brown getting 209 votes. 
 In District 3 County Commissioner race, Robert Weaver received the Democrat nod with 334 votes and Mark Steven Taylor ran second with 279 votes.
 Caddo County voters once again selected Frank Lucas to remain as District 3 Congressman voting almost 70% for the veteran politician who has served 28 years for District 3. Lucas received 1,466 of the 2,100 votes cast last Tuesday in Caddo County. Challengers in the Republican primary were Wade Burleson who got 350 votes and Stephen Butler who got 284 votes.
 District-wide Lucas got 61% of the vote, 44,442 of the 72,697 cast. Burleson picked up 22,258 votes for 31% and Butler got 5,997. Lucas will face Democrat Jeremiah A Ross in November.
 Caddo County voters also chose Darcy Allen Jech and Brady Butler to be in a runoff for State Senate District 26. Jech received 42% of the vote with 881 votes and Butler picked up 800 votes for 38%. JJ Stitt had 392 votes to round out the 2,073 votes cast in the district.
 Jeff Sawatzky was the favorite Caddo County pick for the District 55 House position. He garnered over 63% of the vote against Nick Archer and Tad Boone. Sawatzky got 130 of the Caddo County votes. Archer got 45 votes and Boone earned 30.
 District wide however, Nick Archer won the Republican primary with 54% of the vote with 2,295 total votes. Sawatzky came in second place with 1,620 votes. Tad Boone garnered 350 votes.