97th Annual Easter Pageant

For 97 consecutive years The Easter pageant, at the Holy City of the Wichita’s, nestled in the Wichita Mountain wildlife refuge, continues to be a blessing to all who attend.
 The annual Holy City of the Wichita’s Easter Passion Play is a narrated dramatization of the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The “Prince of Peace” Easter Pageant is the longest-running of its kind in the United States.
The Easter pageant will begin at 8:30 PM on Saturday April 9th and again on Saturday April 16th. Originally the play started in the early morning hours and climaxed at sunrise.
 Food trucks and entertainment will be available from 1 PM to 5 PM. Georgia Motley‘s group from the (CMSAOK) Country Music Singers Association of Oklahoma will perform
 Players and participants are welcome to participate in the play. Costumes and a script will be provided.
 Created in 1926, this passion play drama is held outdoors in the Holy City of the Wichita’s near Lawton with the stunning Wichita Mountains serving as a backdrop. Visitors to the Holy City of the Wichita’s Easter Passion Play will witness the story of Jesus Christ portrayed in pantomime while readers broadcast the script on FM radio to crowds of visitors.
 After its first year, the passion play expanded its cast, and the audience grew as well. By 1931, the Easter passion play included 150 cast members and by 1934, the Holy City of the Wichita’s welcomed over 40,000 visitors.
 Located within southwest Oklahoma’s Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, the Holy City sits on 66 acres that resemble Israel during biblical times. The first buildings erected at the Holy City of the Wichita’s, which include replicas of the walls to Jerusalem, Calvary’s Mount, the Temple Court, rock shrines and more, were completed by the Federal Works Progress Administration.
 In 1936, the Lord’s Supper building and Herod’s Court, as well as buildings including biblical murals and paintings, were created. Attendance to the annual Easter passion play reached its peak in 1939 as 225,000 visitors filled the hill for the Easter performance.
 Join thousands of visitors from across Oklahoma and the nation to see this much-anticipated passion play in a replica of the Holy Land. Attendance to the passion play is free; however, donations are appreciated.