Compassion or Contempt?

by Pastor Lynn Walker – Cowboy Country Church
4092 Norge Road – 405-320-0055

Jesus told us that “to love God” was the #1 commandment and then he added to that commandment that we should love one another. How do you know for sure you are obeying this commandment to love others? It’s pretty easy to tell by how much compassion you have for the needs of other people. Compassion and love are tied directly together and if you have no compassion then you have no love. If you have no love and compassion then what do you really have for others? Contempt. When you have contempt for other people then you are committing the sin of PRIDE, and you are not looking at other people the way God looks at them; you are looking at folks in the flesh and not through the eyes of a born again Christian!!
Jesus was traveling with his twelve disciples and a multitude of followers and they passed two blind men sitting by the side of the road. When the blind men heard that Jesus passed by them, they cried out, “Have Mercy on us , O Lord, thou son of David!!” Well, the multitude of followers told the men to hold their peace. In other words, to shut up!! But they cried out the same words, only louder!! Jesus stopped in his tracks and asked the men what they wanted him to do for them, and they said they wanted their eyes opened. Jesus had compassion (love) on them, and touched their eyes: and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed Jesus!!
I find it strange that after the men received their sight, they joined up with the multitude of followers, who had nothing but contempt for them, and followed Jesus!! What kind of follower are you? Will you be a true follower and show compassion to those who need Jesus, and who doesn’t need Jesus? Or will you instead show contempt to others and drive them away; separating them from Jesus who is the one thing they need the most!! I think it’s time for followers to start making the right choice on this one. Don’t you??