Something Worthwhile

All women and men in the community are invited to the spring meeting of ‘Something Worthwhile’ (SWW) on Tues., March 1, 2022 in the Life Center of Epworth Church, 4th and Iowa, Chickasha, OK.

The activities of ‘Something Worthwhile’ begin promptly at 6:00 pm and end by 8:00 pm. Vi Bassett and her cooking team will be preparing and serving the meal. 

The evening will include warm Christian fellowship, a delicious meal, beautiful soul-searching music, and an entertaining and inspirational speaker.

Reservations are required and must be made by Fri., Feb. 25, 2022 at 3:00 pm.   Register ASAP as reservations cannot be taken after the Friday deadline due to COVID restrictions.

All reservations and cancellations are made by calling Judy Parrish at (405) 250-2775. 

The meal cost is $7.50 and is paid at the door. 

Please honor your reservation, but if unable to attend, call Judy or share it with a friend.

chickashatoday | ChickashaToday.com The Texans

Immediately following dinner, The Texans musicians will perform some of their favorite songs.  The Texans are a family of singers and ministering music group who have performed in Branson for 25 years. They have traveled as missionaries and shared the Gospel through song, comedy, and Word.  One of their missionary projects has been to help drill water wells in countries without them.  The Texans have been blessed with many awards throughout the years: 2-time Branson Entertainer of the Year, 3-time Branson Group of the Year, 7-time Texas Group of the Year.  The Texans include Curtis Ray, Sam Ray and Brenda Ray and are joined by Duke Mason and David Little as the Lone Star Jubilee in Branson, Missouri.

The entertaining speaker for the evening is Shel Harrington, a humorist who writes for a (chronologically!) mature audience at FatBottomFiftiesGetFierce.com. Shel has over 490,000 followers on her smile-inducing Fat-Bottom-Fifties GetFierce Facebook page.  In her alternative life, Shel is a seasoned Family Law attorney who writes and speaks about how to put her out of business by doing marriage better. (Check out her relationship blog at ShelHarrington.com).  Shel is the author of Over 50, Defined – Words Just For Us That Aren’t in the Dictionary . . . Yet!  Her upcoming book, Over 50, Defined – More Quinbloits! is due out later this year.

Join us for this very special message and musical event on Tues., March 1, 2022 at 6pm.