Friends of the Library to Sponsor ‘Chocolate Celebration Non-Event’

 Since February 2013, the Friends of the Chickasha Public Library have enjoyed sponsoring the always sweet and tasty ‘Chocolate Celebration’ event as an important fundraiser to help provide for the needs of the Library.
 Each year local businesses, organizations and individuals have been very supportive of the ‘Chocolate Celebration’ by (1) becoming financial and in-kind sponsors, (2) providing tables filled and overflowing with individual servings of delicious and beautiful chocolate desserts and baked goods, and (3) purchasing $6 tickets ‘to shop’ and fill a gift box with their favorite chocolate treats … for themselves or someone else!
 However, this year because of wanting to help keep all of our faithful supporters safer and healthier during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Library decided it would be best to host a ‘Chocolate Celebration Non-Event’.
 The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected so much of what all of us are able to do and that is also true of the Friends of the Library. However, the Library staff has been very creative and worked diligently to continue to provide the community with valuable resources. The Staff has gone above and beyond in providing quality programs via ZOOM and other virtual means to connect with children and adults. The Friends of the Library remain committed to supporting the Library and its activities and services.
 The Friends are sad and disappointed to not host its traditional, fun and very popular ‘Chocolate Celebration’ event this year. However, because we desire to continue our encouragement and support of our Chickasha Public Library in 2021, the Friends are kindly requesting that businesses, organizations and individuals consider making a financial donation to help with that endeavor.
 All proceeds from the ‘Chocolate Celebration Non-Event’ will support the Library’s special projects. In previous years, the Friends of the Library have used the proceeds to purchase two special touch screen computers for the children’s area of the Library, a new lectern for the meeting room, a monitor for e-book selections, a total renovation of the Children’s Area at the Library and Tech Seating Enhancements, including mobile device power stations and seating.
 The Friends welcome any and all financial donations from loyal supporters of its ‘Chocolate Celebration’ and the Chickasha Public Library. Please make your check, money order or cashier’s check to the ‘Friends of the Library’ and mail it to P.O. Box 265, Chickasha, OK 73023 or leave it with the Library staff. If you have any questions, please call Angie at 405-779-6969 or Lillie at the Library at 405-222-6075. The Friends of the Library can also be reached by email at angieslewis13@gmail.com.
 The Friends and the Library sincerely appreciate the community’s faithful support and look forward to seeing you in February 2022 for the return of their traditional ‘Chocolate Celebration’ event!
 The Friends of the Library is a non-profit and all-volunteer organization established December 1, 1976.

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