Shepherds experience Angelic event

Dateline Bethlehem – Bethlehem is filled with people this week as citizens are returning to their hometowns for the census. Inns are reported to be full to overbooked with visitors. Sleeping space is at a premium.
 Emperor Caesar Augustus of Rome has declared that every citizen throughout the country should return to their hometown so that a census can be taken. The census is required so that taxes can be assessed from the population.
 One couple, Joseph and Mary from Nazareth could not find a place at an inn and were forced to stay in a stable. It just so happened that Mary was pregnant and while staying in the stable her baby was born. This is her firstborn child, a son and she wrapped the infant snuggly in cloth and used the manger for a crib.
 Later that night a group of shepherds came to the stable to view the newborn boy. When asked how the shepherds found out about the birth in the stable and why they made their way there, they reported that they were approached by Angels.
 “We were just guarding our sheep last night”, said one of the shepherds, “when the sky lit up like daylight with a host of angels. Let me tell you that was pretty frightening. One of the Angels told us not to be afraid. He said that he brought us good news. That a Savior is born in David’s city (Bethlehem). He told us to go look in a stable”.
 One of the other shepherds chimed in, “All of a sudden there were angels everywhere saying ‘Glory to God in heaven, and peace to all those who He favors’. It was amazing!”
 The shepherds said that the angels disappeared as quickly as they had come. At that point they decided to come into Bethlehem and see for themselves this baby that the angels had revealed to them.
 Everyone at the stable was amazed at the shepherds story. The shepherds then returned home to their flocks singing and glorifying God for all they had experienced.
 Mary, the new mother, said she would never forget the shepherds and their stories and experiences with the angels.
 The innkeeper, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was glad to be able to help in a small way during this exciting time.

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