Two charged in overdose death of teenager

Last week’s County Court Records showed Lawrence Anderson Jr., 23, and his girlfriend, Krishel Cowan, 25, were charged with murder on April 28 in Grady County District Court.
 According to court records as reported by News 9 of Oklahoma City, Anderson Jr. and Cowan are accused of selling Austin Fox, 18, counterfeit oxycodone pills which lead to his overdose early in the morning hours of October 2, 2020.
 Court records revealed Fox and a friend had purchased blue m-30 tablets from both of the accused at least three times. On the night of Fox’s overdose, investigators state in court documents, he purchased three pills for $120.
 News 9 reported that Fox was with a friend when he smoked a pill. That friend told investigators Fox was unconscious within 2-3 minutes according to reports. The friend took Fox to a nearby hospital. Fox died a few days later.
 The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics said the blue m-30 pill has become more common in the last year and even more deadly. The pill is being found to be laced with fentanyl, sometimes even meth.
 “Since May of 2020, this is at least the 11th and 12 victim,” said Mark Woodward, spokesman for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics. “And possibly, we have even more that are tied specifically to these counterfeit oxycodone blue m-30s.”
 Anderson Jr. is the son of Lawrence Anderson, the suspect in a horrific triple homicide in Chickasha. In February investigators said Anderson killed Andrea Blankenship, cut her heart out and attempted to feed it to his uncle, aunt and their 4-year-old granddaughter. Anderson’s uncle and his granddaughter were found stabbed to death.

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