Full Speed Ahead

by State Rep. Dick Lowe
 I want to introduce myself to those I haven’t met one-on-one. I am State Representative Dick Lowe. It is a pleasure to wake up daily and serve House District 56, covering northern Grady County, central Caddo County and the northeastern portion of Kiowa County. I was sworn in Nov. 11 and officially began my service to House District 56 shortly after the ceremony. Boy was I wrong thinking I would have some time to acclimate to my new role! I hit the ground at a sprint and haven’t stopped since. Besides authoring and voting upon legislation that potentially affects you and all of Oklahoma, I also am positioned to help constituents through a variety of issues they experience when navigating our state and local agencies.
 Attending events and visiting towns throughout the district is one of the many ways I support the community. COVID-19 has certainly made daily activities difficult for each of us in various ways and brought about many changes to life. Consequently, it has often been challenging to meet with groups. Meeting folks in the district provides me the opportunity to learn more about serving the district and to share the latest information from our state Capitol.
 I already have received numerous requests via calls, emails, and texts, as well as at events in the community from constituents needing assistance. In just a couple months’ time, my office has been able to help individuals with receiving unemployment funds, resolving driver’s licensing challenges, scheduling vaccinations and resolving a variety of other problems. As I have been called to serve, it is a pleasure to find answers and resolve issues. If a request is made and I cannot assist, we will do our best to get you in the right hands.
 On the legislative front, we are in full swing. I have introduced several pieces of legislation developed from issues and ideas from the voters in our district. I also will be carrying bills for the Department of Education and other state agencies to support them as they serve Oklahomans. Two bills I have filed will help with streamlining and repealing out-of-date laws, a common complaint.
 I am humbled to share the speaker of the House recently named me vice chair of the Appropriations and Budget Education Subcommittee. Approximately 53% of all funding provided by the Legislature goes through this committee. I look forward to such a challenge for a first-year legislator. I was appointed to a number of other committees: Education; Higher Education & Career Tech; and Agriculture & Rural Development. Leadership has shown confidence in my abilities and named me assistant majority whip. I will aid leadership as a liaison and help promote priorities among our entire Republican Caucus. Upcoming issues include education, rural broadband access, healthcare and passing a balanced budget.
 The fast pace is exhilarating; exhausting at times, but always rewarding. The COVID-19 pandemic and our struggling economy present new challenges. I am certain we will come out stronger, together, because history has prepared us for anything. I am privileged to serve you and represent your interests in our state. Never hesitate to contact me to schedule a meeting or attend an event, discuss legislation being heard, ask for assistance, or share an issue you think the Legislature should fix. I look forward to each opportunity you bring. My office can be reached at (405) 557-7401 or email me at
Dick Lowe serves District 56 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, which covers portions of Caddo, Grady and Kiowa counties.

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