Biden is building the border wall

Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma reported that at the end of July, we learned that Biden has secretly started to fill in the gaps of the wall in Yuma, AZ.
 Yes, that’s right, the same one he halted when he took office and the same one he claimed does not work. But-Biden is worried about losing the Democrat Senate seat in Arizona this November if illegal immigration doesn’t stop there, so he started building the wall. Apparently, he has recently discovered-that walls work.
 Record amounts of drugs are flowing onto our streets. Illegal crossings have exceeded two million people from over 100 countries just this year. Border Patrol and ICE are frustrated that they are not allowed to enforce the law. This is out of control.
 As a nation, we are not opposed to immigration, but we are opposed to anyone breaking the law. There are solutions to stop illegal immigration, and those solutions need to be implemented now said Langford.
  Weeks before the election, Biden is paying at least some attention to the border crisis he created–But he is not trying to solve the problem–just trying to delay it long enough for the election to be over.