The Pastors Porch

by Pastor Lynn Walker – Cowboy Country Church
4092 Norge Road – 405-320-0055

Can you be happy in old age?
Yes, you can be happy in old age and there are seven things you need to do to make it happen and the younger you start the happier you will be as time goes flying by!! The first four things are about your physical body and the last three things are concerning your Spirit and your soul. Are you ready to listen to an old preacher and even more important are you ready to be obedient to what God has to say about it?? Here we go!!
 1. Don’t smoke; if you already smoke, quit now. I used to say that quitting smoking was easy, I had done it many times!! But with God’s help I quit for good in 2006 at 54 years old. The sooner you quit, the more smoke-free years you can invest in your future happiness.
 2.Watch your drinking. God didn’t say don’t drink, he said don’t be a drunkard! Alcohol abuse runs hand and hand in with smoking and is a sure fire way to destroy your health and happiness in your old age. Do not take chances: Keep that switch turned OFF!! It may be hard, but you will never be sorry you made this decision.
 3. Maintain a healthy body weight. Eat a diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and moderate serving sizes, but avoid the radical fad diets and intense restrictions that you can’t maintain over the long run. Pray and fast on a regular basis.
 4.  Move!! God made your body to move around so make it a priority in your life by scheduling time for it everyday and stick to it. The single best way to DO this is by daily walking!!
 5. Avoid stress, Worry, unhealthy reactions, and excessive thinking about negative circumstances. God says to rejoice and be careful for nothing, but trust him and take everything to Him in prayer.
 6. Keep learning!! An active mind leads to a longer, happier life. Read serious nonfiction books; The best one is the Holy Bible that contains nothing but absolute truth!!
 7. Cultivate a relationship with God and people! Jesus said to Love God and other people; family, friends, and partners. This is the single most important trait of older, happy people. Well being can be built, and the best building blocks are warm relationships and JESUS CHRIST is the cornerstone of it all!! GROW OLD AND BE HAPPY!!
Pastor Lynn