The Pastor’s Porch


I’ve been hearin’ and sayin’ that word for nigh on to 65 years. It’s a very popular word in almost every denominational church circle and it just makes you feel good to raise your voice and shout it out; even if you don’t even know what it really means. Well, you need to know what your shoutin’ about so here’s what it really means: Hallelujah is an old Hebrew word; an interjection used as an expression of gratitude and adoration; that means thankfulness and love for our creator, and it leads us to joyous praise in song!! HALLELUJAH!!! Oh how we have reason to praise our Lord! Oh how we should respect God and be delighted in His Word! Oh how the blessings of God flow when we worship and love Him! HALLELUJAH!!! (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself). Psalm 112 tells us when we are thankful and love the Lord that our children shall be strong and blessed also. That wealth and riches shall be in our house and that all the goodness of God will endure for ever. That unto us His light will arise in the dark hours. So, what should we do with all these blessings?? God wants us to be like Him and give back and share with others. We should be gracious, full of compassion, and share the goodness that has been shown to us. We should show favor and give to others what God has given to us and make sure we guide all of our affairs with justice. If we commit to this life style, we will surely not be moved or shaken and God will remember forever the way we have lived our lives. We will be established in our hearts, and not be afraid of anything; always trusting in the Lord!!! Now there is only one word left to say …… HALLELUJAH!!!! In His Word, Love, and Power.