I’ve been had!

The Pastor’s Porch

by Pastor Lynn Walker, Cowboy Country Church, 4092 Norge Road,405-320-0055

Boy, my wife got me good on April 1st. She called me at work and said, “Fedex just delivered a large box on the front porch and its’ heavy. Did you buy another guitar amplifier? And there’s an invoice here for $890.00!!!”
 Of course I was denying the deed and telling her they must have shipped it to me by mistake. I knew I was in deep trouble and I needed to get this straightened out pronto!
 I said, “I’m coming home right now, I’ll be there asap!” All of a sudden, in a loud voice, she says, “STOP, no, no, don’t come home…..APRIL FOOL’S!!!!”
 I’d been had real good, deceived!!! Tricked!! But no harm done. It was just a joke, but have you ever been deceived for real (tricked)? Deluded? That’s when you believe a lie is truth. Misled? That’s when you get led down the wrong path.
 This happens a lot in todays society. But God is not mocked and the people that do these things will reap what they sow and be help accountable for their actions. Here’s the kicker about this; God will also hold you accountable for your actions for allowing any one to lead you away from the truth and the right road; you too will reap what you sow.
 The Lord said, “My sheep know my voice and they listen to Me.” We need to listen to God’s voice, we need to read His Word, and we need to make sure everything we hear and do lines up with the truth of God’s Word. (See Galatians 6:7) Make sure to believe the truth and do the good!
 Blessings in His love, Word, and Power.