Festival of Light Year 31, Opens November 18

In 1992, what started out as a small group of local citizens with a dream to spark community spirit, became the Festival of Light, Inc., a nationally recognized Christmas light display. The pride and enthusiasm that the Festival of Light brings to the citizens of Chickasha is evident, bringing about a spirit of community pride that transcends economic or social barriers. Virtually every citizen can enjoy and feel a part of this magnificent event.
 In this 31st year, the Festival of Light, Inc. has again transformed Chickasha’s 43-acre Shannon Springs Park into a magnificent light display. Festival of Light (FOL). Director Logan Lassley said 4 1/2 million lights will shine in Shannon Springs Park this year. If you can’t wait, a ‘sneak-peek’ will be held on Friday, November 17th for walk through guests only. No cars.
 The ice-skating rink, Ferris wheel, carousel, and carriage rides are all back for 2023. The festival will open at 6 p.m. nightly Nov.18th through Dec. 31st. Shuttles will be available from downtown Chickasha Friday and Saturday nights only beginning Dec. 1st through Dec. 23rd.
 The mission of Festival of Light, Inc. is to promote goodwill, civic pride and community while focusing on the true Light of Christmas. The board of directors strives to inspire the idea of “Christmas through the eyes of a child.” The Festival of Light is an admission free event so that everyone may experience the magic and spirit of Christmas.
 Volunteerism is the driving force behind this community initiative, and much of the success of the Festival of Light is due to the hard-working volunteers. One Chickasha volunteer says it simply, “Our festival sends out an important message: A tiny bulb by itself may not shine very brightly . . . but with a million others, the results are awe-inspiring!” [Jean Lee, one of the founders, Country Woman Magazine, Nov/Dec 1997, issue].
 An eight-member board of directors leads the organization. Volunteers serve as park marshals, gate greeters, and display designers. Others include lighting crews, fundraisers, photographers, traffic guides, graphic artists, entertainers, and more.
 Local businesses financially support the Festival of Light with monetary contributions and by sponsoring displays in the park.