Suspected Reckless Driver Accused of Assaulting Cop

by George Plummer, KOOL1055 News
 A Tuttle woman was arrested and charged for allegedly assaulting a police officer.
 Tuttle police arrested 42-year old Susanna Dawn Shelton-Parker last weekend after an officer responded to a report of a reckless driver who had parked her pickup at the Sonic Drive In.
 A probable cause affidavit indicates the officer pulled her over as she left the drive in and that while he was talking to her she appeared to be intoxicated. Shelton-Parker became combative and began slapping the officer when he asked her to get out of the truck. The officer said he had to tase her to get her to comply.
 Shelton-Parker was eventually arrested and taken to the Grady County Jail. She has been charged with a felony for assault and battery on a police officer, and misdemeanors for threatening an officer and municipal DUI. She remains in jail on a in lieu of a $15,000 bond.