Stephens County family cleaning up after tornado destroys homes

By Caroline Cluiss-Fletcher
LOCO, Okla. (KXII) – The National Weather Service confirms a tornado touched down in Southeast Stephens County Thursday night.
 As of last Friday afternoon, they were still surveying the damage.
 Brandon Thompson was working in Ardmore when the storm hit.
 He and his boss were keeping an eye on the news when they realized the tornado was heading straight for his home.
 “I said you see that county line right there, that’s where I’m at,” Thompson said. “He says well Country, you’d better check and make sure your family’s alright.”
 He sped home as fast as he could.
 “I wasn’t worried about material things, it was more so kids, mom, dad and brother,” Thompson said.
 On 1880 Road, huge trees as wide as beach balls were taken down, closing the road off.
 Thompson said when he got to the trees, he started sprinting.
 “As soon as I topped the hill over here, I actually just kinda stopped and paused,” Thompson said. “It was – it was gone.”
 Nothing left but cinder blocks.
 The Loco tornado- the strongest one in Oklahoma on Thursday- had flattened his double-wide, and his parent’s wooden home next door.
 “It took my dad and my brother both holding the cellar door down to keep it from coming up,” Thompson said.
 The houses gone, the vehicles wrecked. But Thompson said what matters is that his family was all accounted for.
 Everyone but Oliver.
 “Our dog, he’s a little Boston,” Thompson said. Thompson said he had put Oliver in his Crate before going to work, and when he found the crate on the other side of the road, things weren’t looking good.
 “We thought ok, the dog’s gone,” Thompson said.
 But in a stroke of luck, Thompson’s son James had let Oliver out earlier that day.
“Because I wanted to put him in the cellar,” James said.
 A few hours later-once the coast was clear-Oliver wriggled out from under the porch, safe and sound.