Suspected Drug Dealer Arrested

 On Thursday at about the same time city law enforcement authorities were investigating the death of a convenience store worker at Loves on Choctaw, the Grady County Sheriff’s Office and DEA agents were arresting a suspected drug dealer across the street.
 Facebook posts were rampant with followers wondering why all the law enforcement personel and vehicles were concentrated at that intersection on Choctaw.
 Sheriff Gary Boggess said agents set up the sting operation in the parking lot of Null’s Used Tires.

(KFOR) – Caddo County deputies successfully seized 22 grams of meth with the help of one of their K9s.
 According to the Caddo County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy T. Martin conducted a traffic stop in Carnegie on Friday, May 26. During that stop, K9 Deputy E. Ramsey and K9 Simba arrived on the scene.
 Officials say K9 Simba alerted on the vehicle which prompted deputies to search the car and recover 22 grams of methamphetamine.
 The individual was arrested for the meth as well as an active felony warrant for his arrest out of Texas for Human Smuggling.