Senator Paxton Bill to Regulate Marijuana Grow Operations

 House Bill 2095 by Rep. Jon Echols (R-Oklahoma City) and Sen. Lonnie Paxton (R-Tuttle): This legislation would enable the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations, the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control and the state Attorney General to work with OMMA on investigations and enforcement of cannabis regulations. It would also allow the OMMA to inspect grow facilities without warning.
 The OMMA has paused issuing new grow licenses until August 2024; this bill would extend that moratorium into 2026. And if a grower failed to pay its taxes, the OMMA would revoke its license and bar the business from receiving any future medical marijuana business license in Oklahoma.
 Other bills moving through the legislature include SB 116 making it illegal to have a grow within a 1,000 feet of a place of worship.
. SB Bill 806 would have growers prove they own the land they grow on.
 SB Bill 808 would revoke growers license if the grow causes environmental damage.
 SB Bill 913 by Sen. Darcy Jech would require growers to purchase a $50,000 bond like a security deposit that if the grow is abandoned the money would be used to restore property and correct environmental damage.
 All the bills have been approved by their chamber of origin but are still moving through the legislative process.