‘Tulsa King’ season 2 won’t be shot in Oklahoma

  The show “Tulsa King” will likely not be returning to Oklahoma to film its newest season.
 Many Oklahomans tuned into Paramount+ to watch Sylvester Stallone star in the series that featured prominent Oklahoma landmarks. The show filmed its first season in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.
 The Oklahoma Film and Music Office said they were never contacted about filming here for season two. However, they said the series is welcome to film here in the future.
 Stallone shot season one of the series during the heat of last summer, saying he had never worked so hard in his life and had so much fun.
 Prairie Surf Media, the film studio in Oklahoma City where much of “Tulsa King” was shot, said in a statement they are remaining positive and wish the show well.
 “We cannot be disappointed if productions need to go somewhere else to fulfill their financial needs,” said the statement. “This was a win for Oklahoma.”
It was unclear why the series wouldn’t be returning to Oklahoma.
 The show took advantage of Oklahoma’s massive incentive program, which lured productions with tax breaks and other financial incentives.
 Prairie Surf Media said “Tulsa King” will not be the last show of this scale to be filmed in Oklahoma