Grady County 4-H Speech Contest

 According to most studies, American’s number 1 fear is Public Speaking. Forty Five Grady County 4-H members took steps to overcoming that fear by competing in the Grady County 4-H Speech Contest. They gave 41 presentations and spoke on a wide variety of subjects from “Fishing Safety” to “How a Differential Works”.
 The 4-H public speaking program has 4 major categories, Speech, a presentation where youth just present their topic, Illustrated Presentations where youth use Illustrations and props to convey their message, Team Illustrated Presentations where youth develop teamwork by speaking with a partner and Digital Presentations, where youth create digital Illustrations with technology like PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote.
 Grady County Cloverbuds, youth who are 5 to 8 years old, also got involved in giving presentations, Jace Payne gave a presentation on Poisonous Snakes, Audryannah Brown gave a speech on Keeping the Ocean Clean and Jed Crawford gave a presentation on Tractor Booster Systems.
 In the Speech Category, Jr. Division, 1st place, Eastn Witt. In the Intermediate Division, 1st place, Ryder Drennan, 2nd place, Mesa Payne and 3rd place, Teagan Hames. In the Sr. Division, 1st place, Abby Pettijohn.
 In the Illustrated Presentation Category, Junior Division, 1st place, Abe Crawford, 2nd Gauge Ratzlaff and 3rd place, Clara Williamson. In the Intermediate Illustrated Presentations, 1st place, Rustin Elliott, 2nd place Ellen Williamson and 3rd place, Molly Williamson. In the Sr. Illustrated Presentations, 1st place Gus Crawford, 2nd place, Alexandraya Brown and 3rd place Logan Elliott.
 In the Jr. Team Presentations, 1st place, Nathan Pettijohn and Kate McLemore. In the Intermediate Team Presentations, 1st place Mesa Payne & Marissa McDermott and 2nd place, Easton Perryman and Kinsey Moore. In the Sr. Team Presentations, Maggie Evans and KenLynn Chaney.
 In the Digital Presentations Category, Junior Division, 1st place Marissa McDermott, 2nd place Eastn Witt and 3rd place, Kayslee Elliott. In the Intermediate Division, 1st place, Georgia Nelson, 2nd place, Olivia Evans and 3rd place, Makenzie Clodfelter. In the Sr. Division, 1st place, Shane Williamson, 2nd place, Logan Elliott and 3rd place Shelby Kelsey.
 4-H members are able to continue their public speaking at the West District Speech Contest on February 11th at Hydro, OK.