5 Arrested in Lindsay For Allegedly Selling Prescription Meds

Five people have been arrested in Lindsay after authorities say they were selling prescription pain-killing meds. Garvin County Sheriff Jim Mullet says they believe the individuals were also selling the meds in Grady and Stephens counties.
 In custody are 68-year old Betty Williams who was prescribed hydrocodone, oxycodone and other meds every 30 days. Mullet said the pills could be sold on the street for up to $20 each.
 Also arrested were 49-year old Karen Thompson, 34-year old Matthew Johnson, 25-year old Kalyn Steakly, and 25-year old Fury Stinnett. Mullet said they could also face racketeering charges.
 Investigators were led to the group after carrying out a search warrant for an unrelated child pornography investigation.