H.E. Bailey Turnpike’s to be ‘Cashless’

 Toll booths and coin machines will soon become a thing of the past on I-44. Motorists who do not have a Pike Pass transponder will no longer have to stop to pay a toll. Instead, their license plate will be photographed automatically, and an invoice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. This cashless tolling system is known as Plate Pay.
 This is a major change for the I-44 H.E. Bailey Turnpike that will take place around the end of June. Cars will proceed at turnpike speed on the main roadway and the Pike Pass will charge the cars Pike Pass Account.
 For those who don’t have a Pike Pass – a camera will take a photograph of the vehicle tag and then a bill will be mailed to the owner the vehicle. Plate Pay will be more expensive than Pike Pass. The current one-way trip from Lawton to Oklahoma City with a Pike Pass is $3.50. The same trip was $4.25 for those who were paying cash. The cost using the Plate Pay System will be more that double the Pike Pass Fee at $7.45.
 Individuals have several options for getting a Pike Pass. (1)Call the Customer Service Center at 1-800-745-3727 (2) Stop by one of the four full service stores in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Midwest City or Walters (3) Go to one of our Limited Service Facility partners around the state such as the Tag Agent in Chickasha or (4) Set up and use an online account through pikepass.com.
 The timeline for the three I-44/H.E. Bailey Turnpike sections converting to PlatePay are:
 • June 21: Chickasha, Newcastle and SH-4/H.E. Bailey spur near Blanchard toll plazas will become cashless.
 The Newcastle and SH-4/H.E. Bailey spur toll plazas will be narrowed to one lane with reduced speeds through fall 2022 as crews remove existing toll plaza and equipment from the roadway. This cashless tolling work zone is separate from the ongoing pavement rehabilitation taking place on the turnpike.
 • Early July: Ramps at US-277 in Elgin, US-62 in Chickasha, SH-4/H.E. Bailey Spur near Bridge Creek, and SH-76 on the H.E. Bailey Spur near Blanchard will become cashless.
 • Late July: The Walters toll plaza and its ramps at SH-5 between Lawton and the Texas state line will become cashless.