A week to forget!!

by Pastor Lynn Walker – Cowboy Country Church
4092 Norge Road – 405-320-0055

At my age, my old bones do not care for the frigid weather, plus the ice and snow made any travel difficult and dangerous. Right before the winter storm hit, I tripped and fell; I landed on the concrete porch and busted a rib or two!! No, I didn’t go to the Doctor because they can’t do anything about it anyway. So, I’ve spent all week sleeping very little in a chair at the kitchen table with a couple of pillows under my head. And like an old bear with a bad tooth, I didn’t have my normal sweet disposition!!
Well that’s enough whining and complaining about how lousy my week has been and I hope yours was a lot better. But I’m getting better and I’m beginning to realize how fortunate I really am. I have so much to be thankful for. I have a good wife that takes good care of me and puts up with me being grouchy when I’m in pain. I have a mess of grandkids and Harley the wonderdog to play catch with. I watched a lot of people out in the snow; sliding down the highway embankments on all sorts of makeshift sleds and tubes having a great time. I couldn’t partake in that activity but I sure had fun watching others!! I’m thankful the power didn’t go off and I stayed nice and warm and had plenty to eat.
Lord, please forgive me for having my selfish little pity party this week when there were many out there that had a week much worse than mine. Let’s all rejoice that when the storms of life come they do pass and be thankful that the Lord heals our wounds and illnesses. I don’t think this was a week to forget. I think it was a week to remember to be thankful that the Lord helped us through it. In His Word, Love, and Power, Pastor Lynn