Kiowa Caddo Tech Center: Yes or No?

Voters who live in the Kiowa Caddo Technology District are being asked to vote on two Propositions in the February 8, 2022 election. Polls will be open 7 am to 7 pm on that Tuesday for voters to express their opinions and desires.
 Early voting will be available on Thursday and Friday February 3-4 at locations selected by the county election board, usually at their offices or county courthouse.
 Proposition 1 is a Building Fund Levy asking to increase the tax millage from the current 1 mill to 5 mills on the dollar of the assessed value of the taxable property in the district to take effect on July 1, 2022.
 The purpose of the tax is to be used for a building fund consisting of erecting, remodeling, repairing or maintaining school buildings, and for purchasing furniture, equipment and computer software for instructional and non-instructional purposes, for purchasing energy and utility costs, for purchasing telecommunications services, for paying fire and casualty insurance premiums for school facilities, and for purchasing security systems, for paying salaries of security personnel or for one or more, or all of such purposes.
 Proposition 2 proposes to make the millage rate permanent.
 Voters are asked to vote either yes or no on the proposals.
 This publisher’s opinion is that, first voters in the district should determine by due diligence, asking and seeking answers what the real needs of the district are. If the request for additional funds are needed and cannot be met by other means, then an additional tax would be appropriate. However, does it need to be the whole banana as allowed by state law and necessary. Could a lesser millage rate be adequate?
 Second, the proposal is very open, does not list exactly what the money will be used for, so it is just a pot of money that administrators can use for whatever they see fit, therefore, it appears there is not much control over what the funds will be spent on. The proposal states that the funds can be use for “one or more, or all such purposes”. I would like to know exactly what am I buying for my tax dollars.
 Personally, I do not live in the district, and I believe that the Technology Centers in Oklahoma are one of the state’s greatest assets, and do not get all of the attention they deserve. This tax increase is definitely up to the voters in the Kiowa Caddo Technology Center District. Use your best judgement.
 Proposal 2 to make the millage permanent is a Giant Red Flag to this conservative. I believe than there is NO TAX that should be permanent. Things change over five years, and that tax can be re-voted again in five years, and if still appropriate be re-newed for another five years. Things change, programs change. You may need that extra tax for something else in the future. Do Not Throw Away your freedom to choose and vote. Proposal No 2 is a definite NO VOTE for me.  
 But, you decide on Tuesday, February 8th. Don’ let someone else do it for you.
Wayne Watts, publisher/owner; Washita Valley Community News; 405-320-1539