Pastors Porch

by Pastor Lynn Walker – Cowboy Country Church
4092 Norge Road – 405-320-0055

Wake up sleeping giant!!
 Back when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, their leader said, “I fear we have awakened the sleeping giant!” And he was right. The Japanese suffered greatly for what they did to the United States of America and the same destruction is on the way for Satan.
 The sleeping giant is now Jesus Christ and His Church. Jesus has never been asleep but I certainly can’t say that for His Church, but that is about to change.
 The Bible says that the gates of Hell will not prevail against the church and that scripture is very true and will soon manifest itself. God’s timing is perfect and now is the time for the church to wake up and do the will of God, and His will is to make a great move on this planet!!
 Churches are going to start the moving of God by gathering together in unity. They are going to cross denominational lines and gather together to pray and fast to gather more and more lost souls. The church is going to grow not only in numbers but more importantly they are going to grow Spiritually closer to God and His Will; not the people’s will and certainly not Satan’s will.
 The Church will then produce the fruit of God’s Spirit with the Salvation of many souls and God will move in ways never before seen by mankind!! Yes, the Church is going to awaken and discover how powerful they really are in Christ Jesus the anointed one!!
 And Satan is going to realize that He is defeated and will pay dearly for his pride, arrogance, and all of his evil doings against the church and all of mankind!!
 Satan is going to regret waking up the sleeping giant alright and I for one am going to be rejoicing when that happens. Join me in worshiping the Lord for His mighty goodness, join me in prayer and fasting and asking the Lord to start this mighty move against our enemy, Satan! The victory will come not by our power, but by the power that is within us which is the Spirit of God. Thank God for the awakening!!