Strong Storms damage area

A trail of damage was left on Sunday evening when an unusual strong storm system crossed Southwest Oklahoma.
 Storms fired up west of Grady and Caddo Counties and blew through Anadarko, Verden and north of Chickasha on their way to Amber, Blanchard and Norman.
 A reported tornado in Anadarko damaged several buildings and knocked out power in several communities.
 According to reports a tornado warning in Chickasha was issued just before 7:00 p.m. and stretched until 7:45 p.m. In Amber there were reports of power poles being snapped and a shop building, a house, and an old grain silo in town damaged. The storm tracked to the Blanchard area and into Norman where there were more reports of damage.
 Thousands of households were without electricity for a period of time during Sunday evening and early Monday morning. Reports of 10,000 customers throughout Grady County and about 5,000 customers with no power in Caddo County.
 Weather warnings are being issued for midweek as strong winds, rain and possibly damaging weather may return for a second round..
 Tornadoes are somewhat unusual this time of year, however they can develop anytime the conditions are right.