Pastors Porch

Gather, Grow, and Produce

by Pastor Lynn Walker – Cowboy Country Church
4092 Norge Road – 405-320-0055

Casey and I had a great time down in Tatum, Texas this past weekend. We went down for the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches annual Gathering of Cowboy Churches from all over Kansas, Oklahoma,
Arkansas, Alabama, Texas and maybe a few more.  
 Lots of good preaching, music, ranch rodeo, and “Built God Tough” bull riding from six years old and up!! Also lots of good food and campfire coffee from six different chuck wagons.
 What I enjoyed the most was the fellowship and learning about a program developed by the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches called G2P for short. It stands for Gathering, Growing, and Producing. And oh, what a program it is and it really has me fired up.  
 Basically it means to Gather: It’s time for the church to kick it into high gear and do what it was called to do!! It’s time to gather up all the lost sinners, the unchurched, and the church dropouts!!
 It’s time to GROW: Not only in numbers but even more importantly, grow spiritually. It’s time to GROW up of the baby Christian stage. Time for church members to take responsibility and GROW in their own ministry and service!! It’s time to support the church and NOT your own selfish agenda; support your Pastor, support one another and put Satan on a dead run!!!
 It’s time to PRODUCE: the end purpose of the church is to PRODUCE the beautiful fruit of saved
souls and increase the Kingdom of God!! It’s time to stop letting fear destroy your life and your church!!  
 It’s time to PRODUCE some good old fashioned Spiritual Warfare. If Spiritual Warfare is non-existent then your church will be also!!