Grant of $7,500 will help save more pet lives in Chickasha

 In April, the Chickasha Animal Shelter received a $7,500 grant investment from the newly named Petco Love to support their lifesaving work for animals in Chickasha.
 “This grant investment from Petco Love was added to additional funds from Junior Social Workers of Chickasha to help get new equipment so that animals have a safe, clean, and warm environment while waiting on that special someone to be a part of their life,” said Goebel Music, Assistant Chief of Police. “Our employees and volunteers literally cried when we received the new housing units.”
 The Chickasha Animal Shelter/Animal Welfare Division of the Chickasha Police Department is a not-for-profit within the City of Chickasha dedicated to enriching the lives of our “fur”-ever friends. The division educates pet owners, provides assistance when possible, and seeks to rehome all abandoned pets and companion animals in Chickasha.
 Since 2019, Chickasha Animals Shelter’s Animal Welfare Specialists have worked diligently to reduce the euthanasia rate from .05 percent down to .016 percent. Since January, the Chickasha Animal Shelter has serviced more than 1,300 pets. Of those, 115 were either adopted or returned to their owner and 505 were rehomed, with over 463 pets being spayed and/or neutered.
 The Chickasha Animal Shelter / Welfare Division falls under the supervision of Lt. Traye Alexander of the Chickasha Police Department. Located at 203 N. Genevieve, the division currently has 1 full-time Animal Welfare Specialist and is available for calls 7 days a week. If you have an issue requiring the assistance of an Animal Welfare Specialist, call 405.222.6050.