Are you doing your job??

by Pastor Lynn Walker – Cowboy Country Church
4092 Norge Road – 405-320-0055

If Jesus were here on earth right now what do you think He would be telling the people of today? He would be telling people the Gospel Truth just like He did some 2000 years ago.
 He would be telling everyone how much He loved them. He would be telling them how He died on the cross for them and took the burden of all their sin. He would be telling folks to believe in Him and receive Him into their hearts so they could have eternal life in heaven and how He gave His righteousness to those who trusted in Him and their sin was completely forgiven; He would tell them that their sin was no longer covered by the blood of sacrificed animals but was completely cleansed by His blood and what He did on the cross for all mankind.
Well, Jesus is not here on earth with us anymore, but we that have been reconciled to God have been given the ministry of reconciliation, that means to get right with God. 2nd Corinthians, verse 19 tells us that Christ Jesus has “committed unto us the word of reconciliation. That means that what Jesus would be saying if He were here, we should now be saying on His behalf. Not just the pastor, or the deacons, or the Sunday School teachers, but ALL born again Christians have the job of being an Ambassador for Jesus.
 If we all did our job of reconciling the lost to Jesus, this nation would become a lot more Godly and pleasant to live in.
 Blessings in His Word, Love, and Power.