Lawn Mower Dream Team

 Richard Stitt of Chickasha and Jay Barnes of Burlington MA and formerly of Chickasha are reuniting The Chickasha Lawn Mowers Dream Team/Jay Barnes Lawn Mowing Project from August 31 until September 18.
 Rick and Jay will mow your lawn for free if you are a Chickasha resident in need. A resident in need would qualify for their services if the resident is in financial distress, elderly, veteran, single parent or injured. The Chickasha resident needs to be currently living at the address.
 Not included in their benevolent services are that they will not mow lawns at abandoned or vacant properties, or for realtors.
 Lawns will be mowed for qualifying Chickasha residents during daylight hours and in complete confidentiality.
 If you already have a paid landscaper, especially one with a written contract, they will not mow your lawn because they do not want to take away any Chickasha clients from landscapers.
 If you feel you may qualify for the free lawn mowing service, contact Jay Barnes via Facebook Messenger or at Jay.B.Barnes@gmail.com.