How Sweet it is!

by Pastor Lynn Walker – Cowboy Country Church, 4092 Norge Road – 405-320-0055

How far will you go to have full fellowship with God? How far will you go to have full fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ, your spouse,
your children, your extended family?
 Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have sweet, peaceful fellowship with God and all the people around you and live without fussing and fighting; without calamity and strife.  
 Psalm 133 talks about how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. The lack of unity and the presence of strife makes for an unpleasant life and it affects your anointing and your blessings from God. If you think that good and pleasant relationships are impossible, you need to read Genesis Chapter 13 and see how God’s man, Abraham, dealt with his nephew, Lot,when their relationship became strained.
 Abraham said unto Lot, “Let there be no strife, I pray thee, between me and thee for we be brethren. Even though Abraham was older, very rich in cattle, silver, and gold and should have complete control of the decision making, he was willing to go as far as it took to live together with Lot without strife. He allowed Lot to choose whatever land he wanted and He took what was left.
 Of course Lot chose the best land with all the water, but Abraham didn’t complain or fight over it. He knew God would bless him for doing whatever it took to keep the peace even though it would cost him dearly.
 So what are you willing to do to keep peace and unity in your life? Sometimes it doesn’t take the drastic measures like Abraham took. Sometimes all it takes is being willing to shut up. Sometimes being right is not as important as doing right.
 In His Word, Love, and Power.