Man Charged In 2020 Overdose Death Of Chickasha Mother

 A man has been charged with murder in the 2020 overdose death of a Chickasha mother.
 Clarence Morrow, 28, was charged with one count of first-degree murder Tuesday in Grady County District Court.
 According to published reports investigators with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics said Morrow gave Stephanie McMahon counterfeit pills, causing her to overdose in October 2020.
 Throughout several interviews, investigators learned McMahon overdosed at Morrow’s home on Sixth Street in Chickasha.
 The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics said McMahon overdosed on a counterfeit pill known as “roxyy” or an “M-30” which are being purchased and brought into the state of Oklahoma via the dark web or by Mexican drug organizations.
 “This is one of more than a dozen overdose deaths tied to these counterfeit pills that just our agency is working,” Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics spokesperson Mark Woodward said.
 Woodward said the blue pills look identical to U.S. pharmaceutical Oxycodone, Roxicet or Percocet.
 “Of these 12, 13 deaths that we are investigating, I know of at least 10 people that have been charged,” Woodward said. “We have several investigations still ongoing to try to pinpoint who was the person that provided the drugs that lead to the death.”
 According to court records, while conducting a search warrant in Morrow’s home, investigators said there were dozens of blue bills “inscribed with ‘M’ and ‘30’” found underneath a mattress and on a box spring.
 Similarly, two others were charged with first-degree murder in the October 2020 overdose death of a Chickasha teenager, Austin Fox, 18.
 Lawrence Anderson Jr., 23, and his girlfriend, Krishel Cowan, 25, were charged with murder on April 28 in Grady County District Court.
 Anderson Jr. and Cowan are accused of selling Fox counterfeit oxycodone pills which lead to his overdose early in the morning hours of October 2, 2020.