The Pastors Porch

by Pastor Lynn Walker, Cowboy Country Church, 4092 Norge Road, 405-320-0055


There are times when we all get discouraged, and it sure helps if you have friends and loved ones who will stand with you and support you. But what if you’re discouraged and your family and friends are
all discouraged as well. Do you think they will encourage you? Probably not, because when the stuff hits the fan most folks have a tendency to blame someone else for a bad situation, especially if you
are in a position of leadership. right?
 As a Christian believer, sometimes we have to encourage ourselves. Does this mean that you suck it up and find the inner courage to encourage yourself? That’s almost impossible to do on your own when you and all those around you are heartbroken and
have cried until you have no tears left like David did in 1st Samuel, Chapter 30. David did the right thing; when all was lost he encouraged himself in the Lord his God!! He put his trust in God, sought the Lord in prayer for the right answer. He obeyed what God told him to do and stopped the pity party. He rose up with his men, chased the enemy down and took back what was lost and then some.
 You don’t become a victor by staying a victim. You can have the same success as David if you will encourage yourself in the Lord YOUR God!! All things are possible with God to those who believe.(Please read the story in Samuel Chapter 30 for yourself).
Blessings in His Word, Love, and Power.