Hostage situation resolved peacefully

 An eleven hour standoff in a Chickasha neighborhood saw a multitude of emergency officials gather at 20th and Texas Avenue on Sunday.
 The all day event began when a man identified as Terry Gunnoe, 71, according to reports from news agencies tied up his wife and held her hostage.
 According to police, Gunnoe had tied up his wife and called authorities on his own around 5 a.m..
 “It became quickly apparent we had a hostage situation ongoing,” said Chickasha Police Chief, Kathryn Rowell.
 “One of the things he was saying was he had a message he wanted to deliver,” said Lt. Scott Weaver with the Chickasha Police Department.
 SWAT teams were quickly brought in after police say they feared Gunnoe might be in the midst of a mental health crisis and could be armed.
 From there, negotiations dragged on for about eleven hours. Eventually, it ended at around 4:00 p.m. when Gunnoe peacefully surrender.
 “Whenever we get a situation like this where it takes a long time it becomes more of a marathon than a sprint,” said Weaver.
 Both of the people involved were taken to hospital and reportedly were uninjured in the ordeal.