The Pastor’s Porch

by Pastor Lynn Walker, Cowboy Country Church, 4092 Norge Road, 405-320-0055

Count it All Joy

In this life, we are all going to run into trouble and trials; the bible calls them divers temptations. You have two choices when these things come on you. You can walk in the flesh and focus on the trouble, and when you do you will tend to cry, complain, be afraid, start to doubt, begin to worry, and turn to unbelief.  
 But the bible tells us to count it all Joy when these things happen. How can you rejoice when troubles start to surround you? When Satan uses the “pile up” technique and trouble seems to pile up , that’s when you have to walk in the spirit. That’s when you don’t focus on the problems. Instead, you focus on the one who loves you, cares for you, gives you life, salvation, health, healing, prosperity, and protection.
 Remember and know this; that trouble is nothing more than the testing your faith. What’s really being tested?? The proof of your faith working to have endurance and perseverance.
 Joshua and Caleb endured 40 years in the wilderness with thousands of whining, ungrateful, and unbelieving people. Yet because of their faith and enduring all the hardship, Joshua and Caleb were the only two people of that generation to go into the promised land.
 So, count it all joy my brethren, and allow your faith to endure and never give up, and you also will make it to the promised land; mature, complete, and lacking nothing; just keep on rejoicing, praising and believing!! (See James 1:2-4)
In His Word, Love, and Power.