Foundation to Host Bucket Auction | Item Donations Welcome

The Ninnekah Public School Foundation will host an online bucket auction to raise funds toward expanding the Foundation’s programs next school year. The Foundation President will be contacting local businesses in search of auction items and anyone interested in donating an item can contact the Foundation at ninnekahfoundation@gmail.com.

What is a Bucket Auction?

A bucket auction or a basket raffle is a type a raffle where participants by a number of chances and then choose to put the chances in the “bucket” of the prizes they want to win. For example, after a Ninnekah supporter bought 100 chances, they could put 70 toward the prize they want the most, 20 toward the prize they had some interest in and the remaining 10 toward prizes with little interest. An individual could also put all their chances toward on prize they had great interest in winning. A chance is drawn from each bucket and the owner of that chance wins the prize.

How can I Help?

There are lots of ways to support the Foundation, and here are a few that anyone can do.

  1. Spread the word about our auction. The fundraiser will be most successful in lots of individuals are interested in participating. If you help spread the word, it will make it easier to secure donated items and will build excitement for when the auction launches.
  2. Donate an item. The auction will need items large and small for participants to bid on, including everything from gift cards to gift baskets to large eye-catching prizes. If you would like to donate, please contact the Foundation at ninnekahfoundation@gmail.com or message our Facebook page.
  3. Buy some chances in the auction. When the auction goes live, you can buy chances and put them towards the items that catch your eye. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and all proceeds from the auction will go to building Foundation programs.