Lt. Gov. Touts State’s Recovery from Pandemic

by George Plummer, KOOL 105 News
 Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell is thrilled that the state’s economy is beginning to rebound as the nation slowly recovers from the coronavirus pandemic. Pinnell was the keynote speaker at the 98th annual Chickasha Chamber of Commerce banquet last Friday night and said it was refreshing to be able to be face-to-face with people once again.
 Pinnell said that it mattered a lot to be able to appear in person, instead of zoom, and that is was great to see the turnout at the banquet. He stated that Oklahoma was one of the first states to reopen. “All of us have been through a lot in the last year, year and a half .”
 Pinnell’s main focus is tourism and says Oklahomans need to do better in promoting their home state.
 “Why are we not talking about the great things that are happening in the state of Oklahoma, Because if we don’t define who we are, 49 other states will define it for us,” said Pinnell. “That is something we got to be doing a better job of. To talk about how great Oklahoma is, that Oklahoma is better than just ok.”
 Pinnell made reference to Chickasha’s leg lamp which drew so much attention last Christmas. He credited Tim Elliott and others for thinking out of the box to create an attraction which brought so much national and even international recognition to the city and hopes it continues.