Decrease in COVID-19 cases

 Oklahoma State Commissioner of Health, Dr. Lance Frye, issued the following statement in response to the recent decrease in COVID-19 case numbers.
 “The COVID-19 case numbers have been significantly lower this week, which prompted us to investigate their validity as well as our reporting systems out of an abundance of caution. After checking with staff and comparing different sources of information, we can report the data is accurate and our case count has been significantly down this week. This is great news for our state, and follows a trend of decreased cases we are seeing broadly nationwide. We are hopeful this trend will continue and are cautiously optimistic. I want to thank Oklahomans for continuing to be vigilant in taking precautions to safeguard yourself and those around you, including wearing a mask, watching your distance and washing your hands.
 In addition, hospitalizations statewide are trending down, which we know is a much-needed respite for our health care workers on the frontlines. We are also encouraged with our vaccine rollout strategy and implementation and ask Oklahomans to continue to be patient as we get our most at-risk populations vaccinated as quickly as possible.
 As always, we will continue to monitor our data and state trends with the hope that our cases will continue to decrease and are committed to sharing that information in a timely and transparent manner with all Oklahomans.”

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