To All Pastors, Thank You from your community

 On the Second Sunday of October, our nation celebrated some of the most beloved members of our society during Pastor Appreciation Day.
 On Sunday, October 11th men and women alike stepped up to the podium to deliver Godly messages to their flocks. This act is one carried out faithfully week after week, even throughout the pandemic. This year was one filled with sorrow and fright when, for the first time in our nation’s history, church doors were closed to the public.
 Pastors however remained undetered and continued preaching. Many pastors, some for the first time had to take to live streaming their sermons via social media, local television or various meeting apps to get God’s Word across to those who needed it. Most agree that this year, those words of divine inspiration, comfort and direction were needed in a way never before felt.
 Pastor’s dutifully take on so many roles for their congregations and communities. They wear the hats of Counselor, Social Worker, Recruiter, CEO, Fundraiser, Scholar, Writer, Public Relations Director, Custodian and so many more.
 It is our hope that each Pastor knows how much they are loved, appreciated and needed in our lives and that they themselves feel the same love from every member of the church, city or organization where they minister.

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