Local artist paints tribute mural at local veterans organization

 The Grady County DAV (Disabled American Veterans) commissioned a mural to be painted on a wall at their headquarters in downtown Chickasha. The mural is a tribute to five branches of the United States Military and features the seals of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard under a banner that reads “We Support Our Veterans”.
 The artist selected for the honor was Apache, OK native and Anadarko, OK resident, Roosevelt “Rosey” Ahkeahbo. A self-taught artisan, who discovered his talents at a young age, Ahkeahbo is a brick layer by profession but his passion is to paint. He has artwork honoring the victims of the Oklahoma City Murrah Building bombing and the World Trade Center attack hanging in tribute at each location. He has been known to spontaneously sketch out a portrait while standing in front of famous people like Oscar De Le Hoya and even the least likely of models such as the North Korean guard he encountered while serving in the Marines.
 Akheahbo has two works on display inside the Caddo County Courthouse and has set a personal goal to have a piece hanging in each of Oklahoma’s 77 County Courthouses. He will be donating an Eagle Painting to the Grady County Courthouse.
 The vibrant vivid imagery in Akheahbo’s art is accented with shadows and silhouettes. He has mastered techniques that give objects in the paintings an overlapping transparency that makes the work distinctly identifiable as his own.
 When the pandemic had a negative effect on his brick laying jobs, Akheahbo took advantage of that time to create. In his garage studio, he paints portraits of individuals and families, landscapes, animals and more.

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