Make your fall dishes ‘Larapin Good’

by Andrea Wilkerson (WVW Community Correspondant)
 As fall quickly approaches and we begin craving those savory fall dishes, do yourself a favor and add a little bit of Momma’s Mix to your favorite recipe. It makes every dish Larapin good.
 Larapin seasoning mix is the culinary creation of Chickasha’s own resident Laurie Allen. It gets its name from an old southern phrase, larapin good, that means something is more than delicious. Also, it was a favorite term used by Laurie’s own mother when she would take a bite of something she considered “worth the calories.” Laurie herself, however, is the ‘momma’ behind the Momma’s Mix of fresh spices that was created in her very own kitchen.
 Laurie began cooking at the age of 13 and never stopped. Even as a wife and working mom, she was able to prepare homecooked meals with fresh and real ingredients When schedules were filled with weekend sports events and extracurricular activity, Laurie still made time to cook and pack it to go. “My thing is not about making fancy food; it’s about making fresh food. Good food fast, not fast food”, says Laurie. But, do not be fooled. She has the capabilities of preparing the fanciest of dinners also. That is what makes Larapin Momma’s Mix so special. It is a foundational mix for someone who is very savvy with cooking profiles or someone who is very inexperienced or new at cooking.
 While Laurie did pass down her love of cooking to her own children, she wanted to do something more for them. She wanted to know, that even if she were not around to prepare it for them, that her children would be able to enjoy their favorite dishes the way momma made them. “Larapin Good” a recipe book, written more as a letter to her own children, was quickly picked up by a publishing company. The company was eager to print the book but there was one small holdup. The recipes called for an ingredient referred to only as Momma’s Mix. When they contacted Laurie for the list of ingredients in the mix, she said that was a secret she was not willing to give up.
 With the help of Oklahoma State University’s FAPC program, Laurie was able to take her secret spice mix from the mortar and pestle next to her stove to the shelves of supermarkets and ultimately to the tables of America. FAPC, a part of OSU’s Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, helps to discover, develop and deliver technical and business information that stimulates and supports the growth of value-added food and agricultural products and processing in Oklahoma.
 Laurie says her mission is “bringing people together for table time, real face time, to talk and to fellowship”. Every jar that is sold does contain one secret she was willing to share. She takes the time to pray over each one.
 Visit Laurie’s website, to order her recipe book “Larapin Good” and some Momma’s Mix today.

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