Local merchants offer Valentine’s gift ideas

Valentine’s Day has historically been a romantic lover’s holiday. However, in the US, we’ve adapted the day to include offering tokens of our affections also to parents, children, and close friends. As Valentine’s Day inches quickly in our direction, we’ve pulled together a list of five unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas that may offer some inspiration as you get your creative juices flowing.

 1. For Him: Blow his mind with the unique experience of an old-fashioned, hot towel face-wrapped, straight-edge shave or a beard trim, and haircut from The Bearded Barber at Nail & Hair Saloon located at 426 W. Choctaw, Chickasha. Add to his Gift Certificate a manicure & pedicure by LaPrinia, and you can share his experience. After putting the Gift Certificate into a Valentine’s Day Card, punch a hole in the corner, pull a ribbon through, and then attach it his favorite aftershave. WIN!

 2. For Her: You’ll be extremely thoughtful in her eyes when she realizes you’re the reason she gets to enjoy a day of beauty including a manicure, pedicure, and/or a haircut & color at Nail & Hair Saloon located at 426 W. Choctaw, Chickasha, or her favorite salon if you happen to know it. Do not forget to select a Valentine’s Day card, place the Gift Certificate inside, punch a hole in the corner of the envelope, pull a ribbon through, and tie it to a single rose (or her favorite flower). Alternatively, tie it around her favorite bottle of wine. HERO!

 3. For Her or Him: Introduce your loved one, who enjoys eating well and healthy, but is not fond of the meal planning and shopping, to EveryPlate. EveryPlate is a unique home meal delivery program that sends all the ingredients necessary to prepare 3 to 4 meals a week (including directions) for either 2 or 4 people (or more) directly to your home. It’s a great solution for eliminating the stress of deciding “what” to make for dinner, as well as making numerous weekly trips to the grocery store. Perfectly portioned meals are delivered to your front door in refrigerated packages and cost only $4.99 a person. Sign up at YUM!

 4. For Her or Him: Surprise your loved one with a complete deluxe car detail (inside and out). Gift certificates are available at EcoTouch Detailing located at 329 W. Arkansas, Chickasha. Put the gift certificate in a beautifully-colored envelope, punch a hole in the corner, pull a colorful ribbon through, and tie it to his/her rearview mirror. CLEAN RIDE!

 5. For Employees/CoWorkers/Vendors: Be the popular one at work by sharing a box of donuts and yummy pastries from a wonderful selection at Daylight Donuts located at 725 W. Choctaw Ave., Chickasha. As well, vendors like you that much more when you appreciate them. Show your appreciation with sweet treats from Shollie’s Sweets Bakery located at 118 N. 5th St. in Chickasha. Shollie’s also has amazing beef jerkey. TREATS!

 Gifts themselves are less important than the thought and effort behind them, which makes their giving and receiving much more meaningful. So, get creative and have fun with it! We’ll see you next week with a list of five more fabulous, unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

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