Chickasha Gets In the Spirit of Halloween

chickashatoday | The Bookstore on the Corner

Washita Valley Community Magazine, by showcasing only a few pics below, celebrates all the businesses, churches, non-profits and organizations of Chickasha that made Halloween of 2019 one to remember. These pics evidence just a few examples of a tremendous number of the same that made an effort (as they do annually) to get involved, and/or allowed their staffs to dress up for Halloween, or Neewollah, as the case may be.

chickashatoday | The Bookstore on the Corner
Photos by Teri Terri Wyzkoski

 A case could certainly be made that, the more local businesses and organizations that actively participate in such community-driven festivities, the greater sense to all living it of a complete, holistic community. So, that said, from all of us at Washita Valley Community Magazine, we lift our hats (and hearts) to all those that participated in, or brought about such wholesome, fun community events and activities to Chickasha families and citizens … as well as those in the surrounding communities. Cheers and thank you!

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